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Dec 22nd

The weekend has been rainy and freezing rain, snow may be here by morning . Most of the snow has melted. The Giant Sequoia that I had shipped to plant is doing good. Maybe there will be a chance to plant it this week if it gets warmer Our Live Christmas Tree we brought in the house and put lights on it, it looks great. We use LED lights. We will plant it Christmas day. This time we will plant it in the front yard. For Christmas we will use potatoes, parsnips, kalirabi, onions, tomatoes, celery and beets, and turnips.

Dec 29th

They are predicting snow this week , Christmas was good I went out to buy a new laptop as my tower died . Windows 8 on it and the cloud. We had potatoes with parsnips and the last of the big tomatoes for salad. Pickled beets went good with the ham. We had dressing from Thanksgiving and cranberries. My wife made pumpkin pie from the pumpkins.

Jan 1st

Jan 5th

We had 16 inches of snow with an avalanche of seed catalogues. The new year is going well, shoveling snow for days. It is going down to 15 below this week but hey the house plants are doing well. The lemon trees have dropped the leaves they going to drop and now new shoots are starting to appear..The poinsettia has recovered but just green for now. The giant sequoia I bought is growing in the house and shipped just as we hit an early ground freeze, so I will plant it in the spring.


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