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The trend to growing part of your own food is well on its way, but I do not understand how couples with a young growing family do not make the effort to either seek out organic fruit and veggies or grow as many as they can in their own space. If the parents took as much time to get the best deals on the day after Thanksgiving they could learn how to grow some of their food or find the best place to buy organic fruits and veggies and locally source as possible keeping the money locally. How could you not give your children the best possible food, like having fruit and veggies that don't have pesticides and herbicides not to mention the cost having fruit and veggies shipped from other countries and polluting on its way here. If you think it costs allot to grow food, I spend 100 dollars in seed to produce 1500.00 in food. Then the time issue is next excuse,well if you spend the amount of time in the garden it will lead to long term education for your children, quality time plus gardening is a established stress reliever for you. You will instill a bonding that will be there all their life, ask any gardener.There is nothing I can say or do if you do not give your children the best possible food so they can succeed.We who grow our food or source organic already know, we eat better than your children and no one who feeds their kids fruit and veggies grown with pesticides and herbicides can say differently. You can choose to do many things but giving your kids the best possible chance to succeed is your only important goal.


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