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Welcome, my other passion besides great Music is to our on going tradition of growing our own Food from my Scandinavian roots in the 1900's to the 60's Hippy Movement using natural methods to the Modern description what we were doing for over 100 years--Organic growing of our food. Sharing this with all who have a need to grow some or all of their food is part of who we are.

I am a Gardener who knows that gardening can help a person in many ways. Gardening provides from great satisfaction, to improving health, to lower blood pressure and stress, to bond with a child, to pass on to grow your own food. I like many other gardeners on the internet, I am here to help you to succeed.

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Monarch Butterfly


Butterfly Garden


My Pond Frogs


Ponds attract Firefly's (Lightning Bugs) which need our help which are great for the garden!!!

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For more info call 847- 731- 7301

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Have Compost Will Garden


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