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I am a Gardener who grows trees for Food, Protection, Beauty and the Challenge. I have a

backyard Orchard that produces 95% of all our

Fruit. We have Many types of Evergreens to protect

the north winds in winter ,we have beautiful trees like

Redbud's and our fruit trees and I am growing Giant Sequoias for the Challenge.

Growing Giant Sequoias

If you need help picking trees and their location and planting, I can help.

My Garden Journal 2013

Spring Photos

Summer Photos


Growing Veggies

Flower Garden

Backyard Orchard

Saving Seeds

Trees of Great Environmental Value and Beauty

Check back for its views during the season as I will create in

Photographing your Gardens


Arthur Hillson

For more info call 847- 731- 7301


E-Mail me at ah0309292@uicalumni.org

Have Compost Will Garden