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I am Gardener who uses heirloom seeds and saves them

for saving money and seeing if some new type will show up the next season. I can teach you how to save seeds.

Saving seeds is easy, beans you save the pods and dry them out. For tomatoes let sit for awhile in the jelly liquid that surrounds the seed for a week to statify them for growing next season . Then wash the seeds and dried them out. The flower seeds from coneflower and others I spread around and they will come up if they find the perfect conditios and many local flowers it is just that easy. . I saved Pumpkin seeds after we carved pumpkins for Halloween. The seeds saved will not be like the parents most likly but to see what nature can give you is the fun part if are not looking for the biggest pumpkin or the sweetest but a surprise. If want a specific pumpkin you bought your seed for you must do the bees job and only cross from your own seed source, much more information and learning to do this. The parsnips that I missed last year went to seed this year, it takes two years for parsnips to produce seeds. I just spread the parsnip seeds as they get ripe. Once again you get parsnips scattered around next year but they grow well with very little and wil not hinder other plants .

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Have Compost Will Garden